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A1 Digital Campus

Where do you land when you google something? What should you do when added to a WhatsApp group? How does one use the internet generally so that it’s useful and fun? The A1 Digital Campus initiative helps children learn more about everything they can do with the internet. And members of our team are right there for them, ready to help them conquer it!

A1 Austria

We are digitally creative and put things in motion! We help kids understand electricity in a vivid way by building circuits and connections using electrical circuit building sets. Find out more

A1 Belarus

The Smart Kids program is aimed at schoolchildren. They learn how mobile networks function, what cloud technology is and what service standards A1 Belarus uses.

A1 Bulgaria

“A1 Internet for All: 55+” is aimed at people aged 55 and up. Computer courses about safe internet conduct in addition to computer and phone functionality training are offered in 5 cities across Bulgaria.

A1 Croatia

A1 Croatia presented its Child protect app at the Museum of Illusion in Zagreb. This live scene shows child molesting on the internet.

A1 Macedonia

In February 2018 we launched an educational and innovative program called “Internet is not just a game. Click Safe…” aimed at the youngest of internet users. The workshops are conducted in both Macedonian and Albanian.

A1 Slovenia

In order to enable some of the most vulnerable internet users to use it A1 Slovenia published the brochure “An easy and simple Web for kids”, available in printed form in all local A1 shops and online.

A1 Serbia

Digital workshops were held in 2018 in Belgrade, Serbia’s capital where participants learned more about how they can use their phones and smartphones in their day-to-day lives.