Working at A1

The A1 way.
We make it happen!

How? Through the dedication, experience and innovation of our teams. Ideas, results and mutual respect are what matters to us, not hierarchies. Reason should have the final say and not status.

Teamwork works.

The future is digital, and that digital future is what we are striving to shape for our customers. This wouldn’t be possible without the diverse range of talents, perspectives and cultures represented in our A1 team.

It’s not just easier to deliver results when working together, celebrating those results is also much more fun that way! You don’t even have to be limited to your own team! There are plenty of opportunities to interact with colleagues from other divisions or teams, and these events are as diverse as the teams themselves. Once a year the teams get the opportunity to put on their tracksuits and prove their team spirit. This is what the A1 Teamspirit looked like last year at the A1 Team challenge:

Innovation requires curiosity and courage. Agility too!

We are connecting people worldwide using state-of-the art network technology and smart services and are constantly on the lookout for energy-efficient technologies that can benefit our customers, society and the environment. Projects often take different turns than initially expected. This is why we are open to new ideas, see mistakes as opportunities to learn and offer our employees the freedom to challenge themselves in cross-functional, agile teams. This enables us to quickly react to new developments

Is agility a technique? You bet! Agility is more than just a technique for us though – it’s a mindset. This is how we are create the solutions of tomorrow.

Agility is not a strategy or a structure, it is a way of thinking and acting.

Modern working environment

Whether in HQ or one of our other locations, early bird or late sleeper – we see modern working as a way to cherish and respect individuality and take advantage of every team member’s strengths. This is how we achieve the best results possible. When and where you work is flexible thanks to A1 Flextime.

Digital communication solutions enable us to hold meetings online, by doing this we save time and help protect the environment.

Seizing opportunities, getting better

We actively foster the strengths and passions of our teams and focus on constant development. We don’t believe this is constricted to climbing the corporate ladder, but that it includes trying out new areas, being successful there and materialising your own ideas.

Here, too, there are plenty of events where you can have the opportunity to get into contact with other topics. Here, too, the variety of these events mirrors the diversity found in the A1 team itself. Our time-out programs, like the Sabbatical, complement this with the time you need.


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