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Bringing new business ideas to life

A1 Empowering Ideas is an internal program for our colleagues who have a great idea, an expertise to share and who want to become intrapreneurs. The goal of the program is to foster innovation, find internal talent, and promote new ways of working within the A1 Group. A1 Empowering Ideas focuses on ideas for business customers and covers various fields ranging, from Gaming to Artificial Intelligence.

“I truly believe that there is a lot of innovation potential inside our company that can be unleashed with our intrapreneurship program “A1 Empowering Ideas”. It’s about learning, taking ownership and the great chance to realize your idea!”

Alejandro Plater, COO A1 Group

Who can apply for this program?

Once a year, teams or individual experts can apply with their ideas. Additionally, enthusiasts can join a team who submitted an idea and support with their expertise or explore the needs of customers. During the selection phase the teams attend an Innovation Camp, the best teams present their idea in the final pitch. Finally, the winning teams will participate in the A1 Empowering Idea Program.

What’s in for the participants?

During the program we offer the selected teams time and space to work on their project idea, freedom and support to execute projects without any risk and extensive support from internal experts, external consultants and management.

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